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The Platform

Upgrading and Revolutionizing local elections

Now for the first time candidates can post almost unlimited information about their positions on issues, well beyond what political mailers and what the local media has to offer . Exploiting the beauty of Internet technology and taking a big step in illustrating campaign finance reform on a local level

Mailers breed apathy

Having worked in the political mailer industry I can tell you that the rule of thumb is to keep the message to less than 20 words. Image over issues . We can do better with a local site where all candidates have almost unlimited space to say what they think is important.The voter than can decide how much of their info they want to review

Commercial media has limited information

Local newspapers can only give each candidates a few lines of information which is limited by their need to sell advertising space and not by the issues and candidates concern to communicate about those issues.A lose/lose for candidates and voters